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Cameo Fashion Model Star ~ Pretty Face Contest

by inGenious Visions

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Title: Kimber Felton
Author: inGenious Visions
Votes: 28

Category: Pretty Face Female
Views: 327

I am Kimber Felton and I have worked as a photo model in the past.

I have a huge passion for acting and I enjoy being in front of the camera. I shoot fashion but I also enjoy creative projects. I am currently modeling for CAMEO Models Internationale. I am tall (5’4) natural brunette. I enjoy working with photographers and agencies that have a creative approach. I bring my energy and passion for modeling to every project I work on. I spent a great amount of time competing in sports including gymnastics, horseback riding, cheerleading, running and aikido. I can be contacted through my Agency, Cameo Models Internationale, for professional job orders and booking.

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