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2nd Street Festival 2019

by inGenious Visions

2nd Street Festival 2019

Festival weekend weather was perfect and the crowd was large

Guitarist Zack Artist put on a good show

Hawks BBQ & Seafood, a Richmond tradition, served up the good food

Henrico High School choir

Jezmon, Amber, and Nickkol Lewis
spent family time together Sunday afternoon at the 2nd Street Festival

Richmond's new Police Chief William Smith and Officer Vaughan
chat with festival goers as they strolled along 2nd Street

Some Eggleston Hotel
residents had a birds eye view
of the activites on 2nd Street

Southern Kitchen's new location at 2nd and Leigh was a favorite spot
for many who wanted good food and an inside break from the crowds

Virginia Union University choir

VUU Choir takes the stage on Sunday during 2nd Street Festival

VUU had strong presence at 2nd Street Festival 2019

VUU visits Urban Views tent

Zack Artist, Guitarist

Photos By Ervin B. Clarke

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