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Cameo Fashion Model Star ~ Pretty Face Contest

by inGenious Visions

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Title: Shelia Daniels
Author: inGenious Visions
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Category: Pretty Face Female
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On Set with Cameo Model
Shelia Daniels
High Fashion Trendsetter Model


Hello, my name is Shelia. I am a Pro CAMEO, Trend Setter Model. It has been exciting training in the areas of Photography, Runway, TV Commercial and Acting. I have had the distinct pleasure of participating in the several amazing events. They are: The spectacular, 43rd Anniversary Celebration of CAMEO Models Internationale, Summer Sizzle, The Macy’s Back-to-School, Back to Work Fashion Show, and The Phenomenal debut of Michael Taylor as he presented his ATARA FASHION COLLECTION. Additionally, I participated in photo shoots and Casting Calls for Sassy Jones and with News Anchor, Reba Hollingsworth. Finally, I was a participant in the Pretty Face Contest.

I am dedicated, energetic, motivated, and highly capable of representing your agency. With the experience that I have gained through CAMEO, I am sure to SHINE!

Agency: Cameo Models Internationale
Agent: Renee’ Lacy
Booking: 202.427.9117

Photography: Michael Hall