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Atara Fashion Show

by inGenious Visions

Fashion designer Michael Taylor introduces the Atara Fashion line. 

African contemporary fashion is impossible to define as displayed well by the royal family. 

Oh it’s not strange to summarize that there may be some thread that links the continents through fashion…right?

The Atara Fashion makes indigenous references coiled with foreign illusions to result in a janra of clothing that is genius.

The Atara Fashion collection captures the European art primary colors of blue, white, brown, red, and gold. Signifying ROYALTY. 

Let’s take a journey into the Atara Fashion collection by Fashion designer Michael Taylor. 

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Miya The Queen Mother

The Atara Fashion collection captures imaginary lines, the differences in our cultures, our values and our identities. 

Blue signifies the love of our Queen mother, which brings harmony, togetherness and peace she desires for her family and the world. 

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Michael Rezek the King

Taylor draws from his own mixed heritage. 

He interplays the culture, looking out at the foreign lands and visualizes  African patterns and fashion. 

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Donalysse the Countess

The Atara Fashion collection  

Pop culture is the Hype of Africa that all nations enjoy.

The countess is ready to explore the African continents, explore the contemporary African landscape, celebrating European fashion and style. 

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Tina the Countess

The Atara Fashion collection takes you beyond our current en-vogueness to distinction. 

Our fashion, like our being is rooted in a past both painful and victorious and into a future we are determined to define as ourselves. 

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Roi the Prince

For today’s man, the Atara Fashion collection patterns are typically worn as camouflage for hunters and as a badge of status for virtual protection.

Atara carries symbolic meaning of the warrior’s status and honor.

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Pres'cious the Princess

She wears the Atara custom made to measure dress, that fits like a glove. 

This dress offers brightly colored wax prints. 

Our Atara Princess is wrapped in this fabric pattern after her initiation into adulthood. 

The Princess walks in etchings gold signifying high status, spiritual purity, and royalty. 

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Shelia the Empress

The Empress is a woman of great power. The Atara Fashion collection drapes her in a dress of rich colors and upscale tapestry. 

She tells a story of her journey and exchange between the West and Africa.

She turns toxicity into triumph.  In the Atara Fashion wardrobe, our Empress rules the world. 

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Sandra the Noblewoman

The Atara Fashion collection offers distinctive skirts and long full skirt dresses for women. 

West African colors are very relevant.

Every color used has its own symbolic meaning for the Noblewoman. 

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Kimmie - m'Lady

The Atara Fashion collection offers imprints of the past reflected in our own current culture.

Atara defines characteristics of the model, the fashion with western stimuli.

Atara Fashion collection is distinctive in its own right. 

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The badd boys - Young Princes

The Atara Fashion collection brings Afrocentric imports for your little ones, modeled by 

Ezra, Micha, Caleb and Cyn’ciere. 

They wear amazing print designs, colors, and styles. So many comfortable designs that can be worn baggy. Helps kids feel comfortable.  Just being a kid. 

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The Atara Fashion collection offers beautiful headwraps.

The African headwrap or (the gele) Is one of the most versatile head accessories.

1.The headwraps serve many purposes

2. Protects against the elements

3. So fashionable

4. Part of your everyday wear

5. Special occasion like weddings

6. Considered symbols of status

Headwraps are one of the few items inslaved Africans were able to bring to the Americas.

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The Atara Fashion collection has taken you through the bush, the vine and journeyed outback in the chaparral of the wilderness. 

The Atara Fashion collection has explored the contemporary fashion in pop culture offering you a wealth of cultural influence, representing the colors of mother earth, in a wealth of fashionable model forms, representing high status, stabilizing a source of wealth, spiritual purity and royalty. 

The Atara Fashion collection, a new form of custom made to measure fashions by Fashion designer Michael Taylor.

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About Michael Taylor

Phenomenal Fashion designer Michael Taylor is a minister of the gospel, in the flow of his magnificent gifts and excellence in creative Fashion design.

Michael is the CEO of MTB spoke tailoring services, President of Michael Taylor INC., Design director for the Atara Fashion line, and presents his expertise as a part of the executive team at Cameo Models Internationale.

Michael presents Atara as chic, origami inspired silhouette, made to measure – no sizes – custom to your body type. 

Michael reignited his design skills with the Spring 2021 Atara Fashion expose’ debuting in Urban Views RVA featuring the fabulous Cameo Models.  

Michael Taylor … THE BEST in Fashion Couture and custom made to measure fashion design. 



Michael Taylor 

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