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Cameo Fashion Model Star ~ Pretty Face Contest

by inGenious Visions

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Title: Jocelyn Brown
Author: inGenious Visions
Votes: 635

Category: Pretty Face Female
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ELITE Cameo Pro Image Maker, Jocelyn Brown

Pro High Fashion Division
Fashion print
TV commercials

Jocelyn, 15, 5’9 Tall High Fashion Model is the 2021 Cameo PRETTY FACE CONTEST Winner, captured over $5000 in gifts and prizes and she’s a strong advocate for mental health programs.

Jocelyn loves Fashion Runway, presents great voice in TV Commercials and is exceptional in Fashion Print.

Jocelyn, top model in the Mid Atlantic, is on the move and ready for bookings at Cameo Models Internationale.

Fashion Photographer: Dajon of Lianoproductions
Agent: Renee’ Lacy
Agency: Cameo Models Internationale
Booking: 202.427.9117