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Cameo Fashion Model Star ~ Pretty Face Contest

by inGenious Visions

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Title: Donalysse Felton
Author: inGenious Visions
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Category: Pretty Face Female
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I am Donalysse Felton, photo/fashion model for the last 3 years, with a passion for photo modeling and dancing. I model mainly photo and runway but enjoyed occasional acting and voice over acting. I am currently modeling for CAMEO Models Internationale. To date I worked with Macy’s and Richmond Schools. I did a commercial for barefoot wine for Walmart. I was awarded Virginia’s OVERALL PETITE MODEL at DISCOVER ME SHOWCASE USA 2019, and received a Scholarship to attend M.A.A.I (The Modeling Association of America International) New York CONVENTION. I have spent many years showing and riding horses.

I am petite (5’1) and have a girl next-door look and I am a consummate professional have a great sense of humor. I’m an experienced pro model in Runway, TV Commercials and Fashion print and can be contacted through my Agency, Cameo Models Internationale, for professional job orders and booking.

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